Akracing Prox Gaming Chair Review-Is It Worth Your Money?

When absorbed in your game or work for a more extended period, sitting on a fair and comfortable chair will make it easy to relax without aches. It is easy to lose hours in a good game. Even if you’re not a gamer, then a premium chair is the best thing for you if you spend a lot of time sitting.

The AKRacing ProX gaming chair is the best you can find that provides quality comfort and durable and long-lasting use. This AKRacing ProX gaming chair reviewwill let you know all you need to know before making your purchase. Understanding the dimensions, specifications, and comfort features can help you make informed decisions.

AKracing ProX Gaming Chair Reviews in 2021

To learn about the Akracing ProX Gaming chair in detail read the below info. I hope this will completely clear your idea about this chair.

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair with High Backrest

AKRacing Pro-X Luxury XL Gaming Chair with High Backrest

In the Pro gaming world, a premium gaming chair is a must, and AKRacing is a well-known brand famous for its gaming chair for a tall person. The AKRacing ProX series comes with various attractive and top quality chairs. The AKRacing ProX Luxury XL gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs for tall people. And also for people who like to have some space when sitting for long hours. It has a wide seat and has a generous dimension. This feature is to accommodate heavy and wide-hipped users. You no longer have to feel cramped and suffer muscle aches and back pains.

This AKRacing ProX gaming chair comes with a 44 cm wide flat seat. There are lumbar pillows for lumbar support. The sophisticated and sleek design is highly ergonomic. It has convenient levers to adjust the height according to your preferences. You only need to use the lever to adjust the size, and it can support you even if you are 2 meters tall. But if you’re short, then with the easy adjustments, you can get the best out of this chair, too.

The chair comes with a double metal chair frame that works towards extending the durability. The frame employs black steel, which has a layer of anti-corrosive coating. The ultimate comfort you get is from the cold-pressed foam designed to not compress even after hours of use. This helps the chair be as good as new for a long time. It lasts for several years, and as you’re investing in such a premium product, its string durability is a big plus point. This AKRacing ProX gaming chair reviewwill provide you all information you will need.


  • Material: Synthetic PU leather
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds or 150 kgs
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.2 x 21.5 x 54.3 inches
  • Product Weight:65.7 pounds
  • Adjustable back angle:180 degrees
  • Maximum seat height:50 cm
  • Minimum seat height:42 cm
  • Frame material: steel
  • Adjustable armrests:3D
  • Gas lift class:4

AKRacing Pro-X Features:

  • The chair can be comfortably tilted up to 12 degrees and has a locking mechanism for an upright position to prevent rocking.
  • The cold-pressed foam and the contouring of the chair ensure full-body support and ergonomic comfort.
  • The lumbar pillow allows you to rest your head comfortably and can be adjusted in height accordingly.
  • The vair has high-quality wheels that are made for smooth and silent floor-friendly movements.
  • You can adjust the seat height according to your needs, and the vast seat space accommodates tall people easily.
  • It is incredibly comfortable and reduces cramping and muscle aches
  • Premium quality materials used
  • 44 cms wide and adjustable seats make it convenient for people of all heights
  • The 3D garments can be adjusted by moving in the right, left, and upwards directions
  • It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and a class 4 gas lift
  • An anti-corrosive coating on the black steel
  • It’s cushioned with comfortable cold-pressed foam
  • Value for money
  • Does not have a fabric variant for the outer cover
  • Assembly can be tricky

Are AKRacing Chairs Good?

If you’re wondering whether the AKRacing ProX chairs are excellent and worth the money you will invest, then yes. The AKRacing ProX gaming chair is trendy in the eSports circle, and many pro gamers like to use it. The comfort from the cold-pressed foam and the adjustable lumbar pillows makes this chair a premium pick.

Are AKRacing Chairs Good

The high ergonomic functionality allows you to keep the chair upright. This chair also keeps your posture good while also providing extreme comfort and an anti-fatigue experience. The double steel body frames will enable the chair to stay staring and durable for years.

The PU leather ensures that there are minimum wear and tear. It also keeps the material strong even after long term use. It is why this AKRacing ProX gaming chair reviewhighly recommends the ProX Luxury XL gaming chair.

The chair also can be adjusted backward to a 180-degree angle, which is perfect if you want to take some cat naps. The comfortable support will allow you to relax and rest.

The appearance is quite sleek and modern. The chair gives you a feeling of being in a fast-paced racing game. All the while also delivering top-quality premium use.

The AKRacing ProX gaming chair comes with a 5/10 warranty. In this, the actual chair gets a 5-year warranty while the chair’s frame is guaranteed ten years of warranty.

How To Use The Akracing Prox Gaming Chairs?

The best way to use these chairs would be for long sitting hours to avoid suffering from back pain and muscle cramps. The absolute ergonomic use allows both gamers and office workers to concentrate with a tight focus. You will not get distracted and lose focus by the discomforts of the chair. That is why, if you need to sit and concentrate on work or games for hours, then AKracing ProX chairs are the best choice. They are a suitable fit for both office chairs and gaming chairs.

How To Use The Akracing Prox Gaming Chairs

You can use the AKRacing gaming chair to its full extent after you have assembled all the parts. Since it is quite a large chair, it is shipped in pieces, and you would need to build it yourself. Fortunately, the chair comes with detailed and extensive directions for assembling.

So, for best use, it is essential to assemble your chair correctly. Here is a step by step guide towards completing your AKRacing gaming chair.

Step By Step Akracing Prox Assembly Guide

Step 1: As when assembling any chair, it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up. This feature will provide stability and ease of building it correctly. After unpacking, take the 5-star base and attach the five wheels into it one by one. When you push the wheels into the hold, you should hear a click sound confirming the wheels’ fitting. Continue till you have all the wheels securely fit in the base.

Step By Step Akracing Prox Assembly Guide

Step 2: Next, you need to place the Class 4 gas lift in the center hole and cover it with plastic.

Step 3: Then, take the top part of your seat and remove the Allen screws for height adjustments.

Step 4: Then, place the screw back in according to your height requirements.

Step 5: You will see 2 Allen screws on the two sides of the backrest.

Step 6:Using those screws, mount the backrest onto the seat base and then use the plastic side to cover it.

Step 7:Once you’re done with the top part of the chair, you need to mount the chair on the starbase and the gas lift.

Step 8:You can adjust the lumbar pillow and attach it and adjust the positions of your 3D armrests.

Is AKRacing ProX Same as DXRacer Gaming Chair?

AKRacing ProX gaming chair is one of the best in the range of premium gaming chairs. But this is not without competition. The DXRacer game chairs do have similar specifications and provide top quality use as well.

Is AKRacing ProX Same as DXRacer Gaming Chair

The chairs vary in their width and height adjustments, pricing, variety, and accessories.

Both the chairs use compression-resistant cold-pressed foam. They have 3D and 4D armrests. The DXRacer also has a bolder look compared to the understated but sophisticated look of the AKRacing chair. They come with different customizations and have different pricing as well.

Final Thoughts

For long hours of sitting, gaming, or working, a comfortable and long-lasting chair can make all of it easy. When looking for the perfect premium chair for your space, an AKRacing ProX gaming chair reviewwill help you with your choice. Knowing the supported features that will ensure comfortable seating is essential. The ease of use and warranty also factor when buying a good gaming chair. The best purchases are always possible when you are well informed.

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