Best Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review [Reviews + How To Use This]

Gaming is no longer a hobby for people; it has now turned into an advancing career in the contemporary world. Over the years, gaming platforms have upgraded their capabilities to provide the best gaming experience. However, a gaming platform is not everything.

There is so much going in the gaming sessions, such as long hours of concentration, focus, and of course, sitting. If you don’t have an ideal gaming chair, you might end up hurting your back, neck, and arms. Therefore, we will provide you with Respawn 200 Gaming Chair review in this article as your perfect gaming companion.

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review

Being a well-reputed brand in the gaming industry, Respawn is known for manufacturing various gaming equipment, including gaming tables and gaming chairs. The gaming chair is made from high-quality materials and based on racing car seats to provide ultimate comfort and a long-lasting experience.

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review

Racing Style Gaming Chair Rsp-200 is among the oldest but the most reliable gaming chair from Respawn. The gaming chair fulfills all the criteria in providing the utmost comfort and convenience to the person sitting for prolonged hours.

Let’s discuss the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review in detail so that you can decide whether it’s a perfect fit for you or not.

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Racing Style Gaming Chair Rsp-200 looks like it has been taken out of a racing car, providing comfort and luxury for intense gaming marathons. Apart from that, the gaming chair has an external appeal. They are designed to look classy and complement every space. They usually come with a purpose in mind to cater to the gaming audience.

Besides Gamers, anyone can enjoy the convenience and comfort level of the gaming chair. You can use this wonderful chair for your workplace and office perfectly, and it wouldn’t look odd with the interior.

The Respawn 200 Gaming Chair White comes packed in a box. The box contains the parts required to assemble, along with the Allen key, bolts, and screws. Furthermore, you are provided with assembly instructions in PDF format available on their website.

Lastly, the price range of the Respawn 200 gaming chair makes it a perfect choice for those looking for affordable yet efficient gaming chairs. At such a lower price, you will enjoy the features of a modern and expensive model.

RESPAWN 200 Racing Specification

Before we get into the main features of the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review, you should know about the specifications of this model. The specifications will let you decide whether it will match your body and comfort requirements or not.


Looking at the dimensions, the chair is designed ideally to accommodate individuals with different body structures. With a 20 inch width and 20.5-inch length, the seating area is sufficiently wide to provide comfort for long hours.

The backrest comes 31 inches in height and 21 inches in width. That means a person with 5’10” height can conveniently sit on the chair without any issue. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the chair somewhere between 18.75 inches-22.25 inches.

Though the gaming chair weighs about 50 pounds, it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. Thus, the gaming chair is suitable for heavier bodies while offering ease of maneuverability and exceptional mobility as you play.


The Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review comes with tons of adjustability features. Once you get to know all the features, you won’t stop yourself from praising the chair to your family and friends.

First of all, you should know the reclining angle. While you are laying back, the chair can goes back from 90 degrees to 130 degrees. That means if you have a habit of reclining back in the middle of the game or after, you can easily lean back and relax.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the 360 degrees swiveling angle, which will lock the chair when you reach a specific reclining position. To recline, all you need to do is touch the locking lever on the chair’s right side and nudge the mesh backrest.

The lumbar support and neck support also comes with the adjustability feature. They will support your back all the time and help maintain your posture so that your spine remains aligned.

RESPAWN 200 Racing Features

Now that you have understood the dimensions, you can judge the versatility of the gaming chair. So, it’s time to move on to the detailed discussion of features in our Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review.

With these features, you will know how and why is the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair perfect for your long gaming marathons.

Design And Material:

The Racing Style Gaming Chair Rsp-200 will make you feel like you are sitting either in a space ship or in a race car. Along with the elegant and sleek design, the bonded leather of the chair offers a captivating and contrasting color for a more appealing look.

The chair with black bond leather is usually covered with white, gray, red, blue, and green trimming to give a classy appeal. Also, the neck support and headrest of the Respawn gaming chair comes in secondary colors to make them unique.

The sturdy look of the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair is because of the steel tube frame. However, you will never feel the metal as the chair is highly padded to provide you with utmost comfort.

Neck Support Pillow:

You wouldn’t call a gaming chair a gaming chair if it doesn’t include back and neck support. The padding and form support enhances the comfort level of the seat for the back and neck.

The neck pillow support in the gaming chair will help your neck to rest and, at the same time, maintain the eye-level with the desktop. That is why the gamers prefer gaming chairs in comparison to office chairs, as some of them lack neck support.


Why are you inclined to purchase a gaming chair? To support your back and improve your spine alignment, right? Respawn 200 Gaming Chair functions precisely to provide full support to your back with a fully padded and durable backrest.

The backrest performs two functions. First, we all know is to provide support. The backrest conforms to your shoulder to provide relief to upper body muscles. And when you try to lean back, your spine’s curves are supported with adjustable pillows.

The second function is adjustability. The backrest comes with 90 degrees to 130 degrees reclining angles. You can use the variable reclining options to shift positions as per your requirements. The upright position is perfect for work, and you can angle further to maintain relaxing and reading positions.

The recommended working angle while playing a game on PC is 100-110 degrees. And this chair provides you further 130 degrees reclining angle, perfect for different purposes.

Integrated Lumbar Support:

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair White includes pillows and cushions to provide relief from external pressure on joints. The pillow and cushion are provided as lumbar support. To prevent chronic back pain or any short-term back pain, having lumbar support is highly essential.

With lumbar support, your back will have full support, and your posture will improve. And if you have existing back pain due to extensive sitting, lumbar support will work as a relief formula.

2D Armrests:

With 2D armrests, you can keep the keyboard or gaming console at a perfect height from the floor. The armrests are adjustable, such that you can easily push them backward and forward according to your comfort level.

The armrests relieve the backpressure by distributing it equally on hands and arms. The support on arms also prevents strain on wrists. When you put excess pressure on the wrists, there is a possibility that you might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. As a result, you will experience weakness, pain, and swelling around the wrists.

Apart from the height, 2D armrests can be moved left and right for ultimate comfort. Also, the armrests are padded and bent in length so that it can fully support your hands.

360-Degree Swivel:

The 360- degree swivel in the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Staples allows you to conveniently move in any direction. That means you can use the chair for playing games, reading books, watching TV or for relaxing.

Besides, there is an infinite locking mechanism that lets you lock the machine at your preferred reclining angle. Even in the reclined position, you can move without getting stuck somewhere. The gaming chair will support your weight comfortably.

5-Point Base With Wheels:

The gaming chair should provide effortless movements along with stability. The gaming chair is equipped with a five-point base having a larger diameter. Thus, the chair can provide more stability than other bases. Also, the base is made from steel, making the wheels highly durable and robust.

Due to the high-quality and robust material used on wheels, the gaming chair makes a good option for heavy use. Nonetheless, the caster wheels are known to support your overall weight as you move along with the chair.

Build Quality:

With a bucket-shaped seat, you will find no difficulty sitting for long hours on this chair. Most gaming chairs are made with a dug-out design. The design reduces the actual surface required for comfortable sitting. But, the bucket design can help achieve a comfortable sitting position.

To stay cool and calm during gaming sessions, you need a gaming chair that keeps you cool throughout your game. The mesh back gaming chair comes with a bonded leather seat, which offers utmost breathability to prevent moisture accumulation. Now, you do not have to endure excessive sweat due to long hours of sitting and heat.

In addition, the mesh backrest is lightweight enough to provide consistent back support.

Ergonomics And Comfort:

Undoubtedly, ergonomics is one of the most crucial features while looking for a gaming chair. This is what drives a gamer to purchase a gaming chair. An ergonomic chair is optimized to provide a high level of concentration and comfort for overall productivity.

To prove the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair provides ergonomic support, it includes the following comfort features:

  • The gaming chair offers a high level of adjustability. You can adjust the height of the seat, armrest, and backrest reclining angles. Moreover, the features match your body dimensions and provide long-lasting comfort.
  • The tall and cushioned backrest is equipped with neck and back support.
  • The gaming chair comes with integrated lumbar support, which is adjustable to match the natural curve of your back.
  • Lastly, the tilt lock mechanism will hold the chair in place and provide support in different positions.

Other ergonomic features that Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Staples includes are breathable mesh back and 2D armrests.

  • The gaming chair comes with an infinite lock mechanism to lock the chair in a reclining position.
  • The height is adjustable to maintain eye-level with the desktop screen.
  • The gaming chair is constructed with a paddle steel frame, which is highly durable and makes the chair lightweight.
  • The back comes with an adjustable neck and lumbar support.
  • The bucket design does not compromise with the seating space.
  • The contoured segment padding is extremely comfortable.
  • The reclining angle between 90 degrees to 130 degrees comes with an ankle lock.
  • The design is elegant and sleek, like those of space ship or racing car.
  • The gaming chair comes at an affordable price.
  • The mesh of the back keeps the chair cool even during the summer season.
  • The mesh of the backrest can flake after frequent use.
  • The armrests are lightly padded.
  • The armrests use a snap mechanism resulting in undesirable movements.

How To Use This?

You have understood the various excellent features of the gaming chair in our Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review. Now, you must be wondering how to use the chair. Fortunately, you do not need any technical knowledge to assemble and use the gaming chair.

The Respawn 200 Gaming Chair white comes with an instruction manual that includes a detailed installation and assembly process. Next, the package also contains an installation kit so that you have all the necessary tools with you.

To assemble the Respawn 200 Gaming chair, you can follow the following instructions:

  • Unpack the gaming chair’s parts from the box. Then, take all the tools required to bolt your gaming chair out in front of you.
  • Place the backrest carefully between the seat base’s mounts.
  • To support the backrest, begin fixing the screws slowly and firmly. Once you have fixed the screws, tighten them so that they won’t come out.
  • Using the adjustment lever, bring the chair in a downward position and put it upside down.
  • Connect the casters with the five-point star base of the gaming chair.
  • Now, cover the gas strut with its cover and place it over the five-star base to connect with the chair mechanism.
  • Lastly, attach the backrest and headrest to the chair and test whether they are working perfectly or not.
  • Ensure all the bolts are tight to avoid any accidents.
  • Now, test the chair by sitting on it and enjoy your long gaming sessions.

You can see that the assembling of the chair is not difficult. It would take about 5-6 minutes at maximum for you to assemble the whole gaming chair. Once you have assembled the chair, the adjustability controls are easily accessible from the chair’s right side.

You can try and test the adjustability features. Nevertheless, you should make adjustments before you start playing the game so that you won’t feel any discomfort during and after the gaming session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you finish reading Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review? If you have more queries about this gaming chair read this question-answer part.

What Is The Maximum Height Of The Armrests From the Floor?

The overall dimensions of the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair are 35.43 X 23.62 X 12.6 inches. Furthermore, the gaming chair offers a maximum height of the armrest from the floor at 32 inches.

What Material Is The Seat?

The seat of the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair is made of bonded leather. The bonded leather seat offers maximum breathability, which keeps you cool and fresh even after a prolonged sitting period.

What’s The Weight Capacity?

The overall weight of the gaming chair is 50.71 pounds. The maximum weight capacity the chair can hold is 275 pounds.

Is There Tension Control On The Back?

You can find a back tilt lever on the chair’s right side. To adjust the angle and lock the chair in its position, you need to lift the lever. As there is no tilt tension adjustment, you cannot use the gaming chair without a tilt lock.

Final Thoughts

From the Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review you have read above, you will agree that this gaming chair makes a nice addition to your gaming accessories. The gaming chair radiates style and class from the durable wheels to the beautiful bonded leather cover.

Whether you need to power up your gaming session or to improve productivity at the office, this gaming chair is there to support you all the time. All in all, you don’t have to compromise your health to complete the tasks at hand with this classic gaming chair.

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