Can Office Chairs Explode? Choose Your Chair Wisely 2021

Office chairs are designed for comfortability to enable you to have high productivity. However, can office chairs explode? There have been cases of these chairs exploding though the cases are not high. An office chair will only explode if the quality is poor and has not followed the right manufacturing regulations.

Nevertheless, that should not cause you to fear and prevent you from using an office chair. These chairs are highly constructed and strongly built to offer the utmost comfort as you continue working. There are safety measures to be carried out to ensure that safety is enhanced.

Can Office Chairs Explode?

The question “can office chairs explode?” usually comes up from time to time from people who might have read about it.  What can make an office chair explode is its gas cylinder, which is meant for height adjustments. The instances of an office chair exploding are relatively rare because of the manufacturing regulations which are strictly observed.

Can Office Chairs Explode

The thought of an office chair exploding can be quite terrifying. If you were planning to buy this chair and hear such reports, you might be forced to change your mind. However, that should not be the case. There is a very high possibility your office chair will not explode. As such, it should not worry you so much. So, go ahead and purchase that office chair without having second thoughts.

How Can an Office Chair Explode?

A gas cylinder is a primary reason that can make your office chair explode. The cylinder is under the chair and works to give you the correct adjustment of your height. So, if it happens that the canister is compressed, adequate energy is created, which can lead to an unexpected explosion.

How Can an Office Chair Explode

Some of the cases reported of office chair explosions have occurred in China. It has been noted that there are market types of air-pressurized office chairs. They are mechanical, hydraulic-pressured, and gas-pressured. But the most common office chair is gas-pressured. To make things worse, some companies don’t follow the right procedures during production; hence, they end up taking shortcuts. What happens is the gas cylinders are filled with pressurized air because the manufacturer wants to cut costs.

From the reported cases, the leading cause of the explosion was the fact that the cylinders were filled with pressurized air and not gas. This is extremely dangerous because pressurized air can explode quite fast. If more pressure is used, it leads to extensive body harm.

China seems to be leading in terms of such cases. The chairs were of a very low-quality standard and thus the case of the explosions. This left tons with severe injuries.

What Can I Do To Avoid Exploding My Office Chair?

It is essential to purchasing a quality office chair that is reliable too. Having mentioned cases of exploding office chairs, it is crucial to know how to avoid this kind of explosion. Remember that your safety comes first, and that should never be compromised.

What Can I Do To Avoid Exploding My Office Chair

Having said that, here is what to do to avoid an office chair explosion:

  • Renowned manufacturer – Buy your office chair from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. Don’t source the chair from just anyone; that is how you land yourself on a poor-quality chair. Research on the manufacturer extensively and look at what consumers are saying about the manufacturer’s products. Go for a manufacturer whose track record is impeccable. That way, you will be sure that a quality chair meeting all the safety standards are delivered to you.
  • Use another gas cylinder – If you happen to notice that your gas cylinder is not functioning as expected, it’s better to replace it. Don’t wait for an explosion to occur when you can do something about preventing it. But how do you know that the gas cylinder is faulty? If making adjustments on the chair is a challenge, this is cause for alarm. Also, if the pressure released is not similar to the one released earlier, that is something to worry about. Replacing your gas cylinder with a new functional one is the best choice in this scenario.
  • Make use of an office chair the right way – We all know the functions of an office chair. It is designed to give you comfort as you work with the aim of increasing productivity. The point here is an office chair is meant for sitting and not any other thing. Make use of your office chair the right way.

Some people got to the extent of doing stunts on the chair without thinking of the consequences. If you are not sure what to do with an office chair, read the instructions laid down by the manufacturer. That way, you will be informed of precisely what to do.

Those are the three simple things you should do to ensure safety when using an office chair. Nothing difficult, right! Your life is too important to be joked about. So, do the right thing by following the directives we have laid down. You will never experience instances of exploding office chairs.

Final Word

So, can office chairs explode? They can though, it doesn’t happen often. Office chairs are not designed to harm you. On the contrary, they offer comfort as you work making you perform better. It would be best if you endeavored to use quality office chairs from reliable manufacturers.

Office chairs are pretty safe. Even with the reported cases of office chair explosion, this chair has not lost its value in the market. What is for sure is, you should do away with any worries of office chairs exploding. Get your chair from the right source, and you will be good to go. Once you get a quality chair, use it for its main purpose and you will not encounter any problems.

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