Dxracer vs Merax – In Depth Comparison And Review

It is very important to know the budget and your needs before buying a gaming chair. There are tons of brands in marker. Dxracer is a high-end brand, while Merax is relatively cheap.

Many people think that the high price of Dxracer is just for its brand name. But I can emphatically say that it is completely false. In this article, we will dig into an in-depth comparison of Dxracer vs Merax. Let’s start!

Quick Comparison Chart (Dxracer vs Merax)

First, we will show you a short comparison chart between Dxracer and Merax. Let’s have a quick look at Dxracer vs Merax.

Factors Dxracer Merax
Height Up to 200 cm (Tank version) Up to 190 cm
Back seat 33.25 inch 33.1inch
Seat Size 16 inch x 14.5 inch x 19 inch 21.7-inch x 20.1 inch
Price range $$ – $$$$ $$
Assembling Easy Medium
Parts and material quality 5  out of 5 4 out of 5
Pillows 2 (lumbar, neck) 2 (lumbar, neck)
Colors 5 or more in different models 3 (black/blue, green, red)
Adjustable armrests Yes Yes
Back adjustable Up to 135° Up to 180°
Weight limit Up to 300 lbs Up to 250 lbs
Material type PU Leather & Carbon Look Vinyl PU leather and padded seat
Foam Density High (54 kg/m³) Medium (Unknown exact)
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In-Depth Comparison Dxracer vs Merax

You must acquire some knowledge about Dxracer and Merax from our quick comparison chart. Now we will dig into a depth comparison of Dxracer vs Merax.

In-Depth comparison Dxracer vs Merax

1. Height



Dxracer has designed different models of gaming chairs. For instance, if you are a person under 5 feet 3 inches, the 178 CM Dxracer formula series is for you. This specific size is designed for people like you.  Dxracer racing series is for people up to 6 feet 1 inch that is 185 CM. Besides, the Dxracer King series is for people up to 6 feet 2 inch that is 188 CM. Moreover, Dxracer Tank series chairs are made for people up to 6 feet 6 inches.


Each Merax chair is different and unique. Some of the Merax chairs have a footrest, some have adjustable armrests and others have different specifications. Merax has only one chair that is very popular and can be compared to Dxracer. If you’re as much as 6’2″, then you may keep in mind buying Merax over the Dxracer. But in case you are over 6’2″, I wouldn’t recommend you that.

2. Pricing


Dxracer is one of the most expensive gaming chair brands. Its luxurious series costs as high as 500$ for the customers. Its gaming chairs are comfortable and ergonomic. That’s why every penny is worth buying. In terms of quality, Dxracer gaming chairs are worth it.


In terms of pricing, Merax costs comparatively lower than Dxracer. Considering the features of the chair, Merax is very affordable and cheaper than most of its competitors. So, if your budget is below 150$, then go for Merax.

3. Variety


Dxracer has a wide range of chair collections. Dxracer has so many different series of gaming chairs according to heights and weights. Some of them are-

  • Dxracer Boss series
  • Dxracer classic series
  • Dxracer King series
  • Dxracer racing series
  • Dxracer tank series


Merax has a limited variety of gaming chairs compared to Dxracer. Another problem is that Merax did not name each and every variety of their chair like Dxracer. Merax has a limited gaming chair collection of different chair styles, colors, and features.  In terms of style and functionality, Merax has tones of different chairs.

4. Customizability and Accessories


  1. Dxracer has Carbon Look Vinyl+Polyurethane Leather cover material.
  2. It has a 5-star Inlaid Color Aluminum Base (SP/0410/N)
  3. It has 4D (SP/0146/N) armrests.



  1. Merax gaming chair is provided with a high backrest, thick-padded headrest, and lumbar support pillow to enhance posture and maximize comfort for your neck, back, spine, and lumbar.
  2. The chair permits for height adjustment. On high of that, the rear part may be reclined from ninety degrees to a hundred and sixty degrees.
  3. Merax gaming chair is entitled with carefully-selected plutonium material and crammed with high-density sponge cushioning.

5. Comfort


Sitting on the chair is the most essential part of it. So seats need to be the foremost comfortable part of the chair. And the Dxracer has done a great job regarding this. Foam is absolutely soft and deep in Dxracer. Additionally, the wings of the seat are nicely soft.


Merax is not as soft as Dxracer. I am not saying it’s not a comfortable chair.  Many customers complained regarding its softness.  They mentioned that the wings of the chair don’t seem to be really soft. Moreover, if you have a wider hip, it might be a drawback for you. But do you have a wider hip?

6. Pros & Cons 

Pros & Cons of Dxracer

  • Customizable choices for people of all weights, heights, and sizes.
  • You can remove the top or armrests or angle them to your desired range.
  • It has a considerable density of foam that can give you a satisfactorily good experience.

  • Dxracer comes with so many high prices for a simple gaming chair.
  • It has required some assembly to your gaming PC.

Pros & Cons of Merax

  • Merax is much more cost-effective than Dxracer. Merax luxurious chairs cost no more than 200$. Its standard series costs not less than 83$.
  • Merax has great adjustability of its gaming chairs,
  • The Merax chair is sturdy.

  • Height adjustment is not accurate. gamers have to face a lot of difficulties.
  • Its foam is not as dense as Dxracer. That’s why it is less comfortable.

Dxracer Vs Merax–Which Is Better for You?

Dxracer Vs Merax–Which Is Better for You

The most important factor you need to be aware of before buying a chair is your height. If you have a height over 6′ 2″, you must choose Dxracer over Merax. Additionally, if you are a heavy guy, you need to choose the Dxracer Tank series. There is hard competition between Dxracer vs Merax chairs.

If your height, as well as your weight, is like an ordinary guy, you can choose Merax. Most importantly, if you have a restricted budget to buy a chair, you must choose Merax over Dxracer. Truly Merax is quite a good, affordable and cheap chair for gaming. Merax is a good alternative over Dxracer. However, before going to purchase the chair, you should definitely check Amazon reviews.

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