DXRacer Vs Secretlab: Get to Know Which is Right for You 2021

As an avid gamer, your primary concern should be to have a gaming chair that suits your preference. Remember that this is a chair you will spend a lot of hours on so it should be the best. DXRacer and Secretlab are the two brands that have set the pace when it comes to gaming chairs.

DXRacer and Secretlab have revolutionized the gaming world by producing the best seats ever in the market. There are some differences when it comes to DXRacer vs Secretlab because each one has its own capabilities. But what you can be assured of is no matter which of the two you finally choose. You will still have an exciting gaming experience.

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In order to fully understand the key differences between DXRacer and Secretlab, here are some of the things that we address in this article.

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When it comes to DXRacer vs Secretlab, while they are indeed the two leading brands, they come with different models. You will note that each model has its own uniqueness. Briefly, let’s look at what each product entails.

Details of product DXRacer Secretlab
Colour Black, black and red, white and pink, black and white, black and grey, Alien green triple-black color scheme
Weight Capacity 450 lbs 290 lbs
Maximum Height 6’7″ 6’4″
Ergonomics Ergonomic designed Ergonomic designed
Style Quite stylish Quite stylish
Customer Service Excellent Excellent
Warranty 2-year warranty 3-year warranty
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DXRacer vs Secretlab : What is the Difference of This Gaming Chair?

While the two have been designed for the same purpose, they come with notable differences. Here are the differences in details for DXRacer vs Secretlab:

DXRacer vs Secretlab

1. Comfortable

  • DXRacer – When using this chair you won’t experience any discomfort. The chair is designed with extra cushioning that ensures you don’t experience body pain during your game. You have to gain more edge when playing with your opponent by using this chair. It guarantees proper posture as you sit.
  • Secretlab – This is not an ideal brand to use if you have a big build. It does not offer the required comfortability you need while gaming. Those with a bigger build are disadvantaged because this brand will not suit them at all.

2. Series

  • DXRacer – The DXRacer comes with ten series giving you a wide variety to choose from.
  • Secretlab In the market, you will only find three series of gaming chairs that have been availed.

3. Armrests

  • DXRacer – They are designed with 4D armrests, a feature that makes this chair sought after. However, some models have 3D armrests designed only for height adjustability. If you choose a model with 4D armrests, it will cost you more.
  • Secretlab – All of its models have 4D armrests, which are perfect for professionals in gaming.

4. Pillows and Lumbar support

  • DXRacer – This chair comes with an adjustable pillow meant to support your lower back. With it, you can slide the chair either up or down to achieve your desired adjustment.
  • Secretlab – It comes with totally different lumbar support, which is basically inbuilt perfectly into the backrest. However, you can adjust it with ease to match your support desire.

5. Base

  • DXRacer – Most of the smaller models are constructed with a nylon base. This is not so good because it is not strongly built. With such, only lightweight people use it.
  • Secretlab – Secretlab chairs have an aluminum base despite the size. What you love about the aluminum base is its stability and strength, meaning it can handle even the heaviest user.

6. Fabric

  • DXRacer – This chair does not have a vast selection of materials. Some models have one type of fabric. While others come with materials like PU leather, full-grain leather, mesh fabric and Carbon Look Vinyl.
  • Secretlab – With Secretlab, you have a variety of fabric to choose from depending on your taste and preference. It comes with a SoftWeave fabric that delivers enhanced air circulation. This means you remain fresh as you use this chair no matter the long periods you take on the chair when gaming. The downside of this fabric is not easy to clean. It is also designed with Prime PU Leather. Which to many people seems expensive but believe me, it is one of the cheapest. You can clean it easily and it has some elegance in it. The downside is the seat tends to accumulate heat. It also comes with NAPA leather, which is basically leather, which is breathable, durable, easy to clean, and quite soft. The disadvantage of this chair is, it is kind of expensive.

Is Secretlab Better Than Dxracer?

We have established the notable differences between Secretlab and Dxracer. Both are gaming chairs, and we know that the best gaming chair should offer maximum comfort. Without that, no matter how great the chair looks, it’s of no use. For that reason, DxRacer will take the day being better than Secretlab.

Is Secretlab Better Than Dxrace

Something else that makes DXRacer better than Secretlab is it comes with various gaming chair sizes for you to choose from. You will enjoy all its models. They are all designed with 4D armrests in addition to multi-tilt function and inbuilt adjustable lumbar support. Now that you have all the information about DXRacer and Secretlab, it is up to you to choose the one that works best for you.

Final Thought

So far, you must have noted that there are significant differences between DXRacer vs Secretlab brands. Now, they are all gaming chairs, but to choose the best; you must understand your needs. Remember that what can work out for me cannot work out for you, so it’s up to you to decide which one you want.

Remember that these two brands come with different options for you to choose from. Work with the brand that offers precisely what you require. It is also essential to understand how much you are willing to spend on the chair. So you don’t end up getting a costly chair that will interrupt your budget.

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