How to Clean a Gaming Chair (Step by Step Guide)

Is it a daunting task to clean your gaming chair? Whatever it is, but it would be easy to clean a gaming chair, maintaining a proper guideline. So, how to clean a gaming chair, but we’re here with a proper solution after extensive research. As we spend extensive hours sitting on them, an occasional and a bit of care can preserve the color and appearance of it. So, it’s a cool idea to avoid dirt and stains at first sight.

However, serious gamers purchase ergonomic gaming chairs by spending plenty of bucks. Whereas a gaming chair for short gamer can be a little tricky to choose from. But the cleaning process doesn’t vary at all. So, aside from our well-researched guidelines, everyone should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get their job done.

How to Clean a Gaming Chair?

How to clean a gaming chair? Well, you’ve already purchased an expensive gaming chair for more comfort and a splendid gaming experience. But you might get confused with the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, and we’re here to make it clear with a step by step guide. So, let’s begin our journey.

how to clean gaming chair

Step 1: Verify The Upholstery Of Your Gaming Chair

Different manufacturers use different upholstery to make gaming chairs. So, the cleaning process varies accordingly. And you may find some special instructions for some distinct parts and accessories. So, technically, your chair can be made from any of the following materials:

  • PVC leather
  • Fabric
  • Mesh
  • PU leather

After detecting the upholstery of your chair, you can approach to start cleaning it tactically. You shouldn’t leave the accessories like wheels, armrests, and other parts. In most cases, they’re made out of plastic, which can easily be cleaned. But for some high-end chairs, you may find stainless steel accessories, and you can easily clean them with different materials.

Step 2: Collect The Cleaning Instruments

So, you’ve identified the upholstery, and it’s time to collect the cleaning instruments in one place. So, check out the followings that you should have while cleaning.

  • From the very beginning, you should collect a bowl or bucket of warm water and a rag that will get dirty after a few times.
  • You might get over-excited while gaming, and unconsciously, you’ve got crumbs and dirt in some places on your gaming chair. So, what should be your duty to remove these stains? Well, you need to think about further cleaning, and the mild dish detergent can be a great option.
  • Then, rubbing alcohol can be used for deep and stubborn stains that can’t be cleaned with the mentioned products. So, rubbing alcohol will make your route easy.
  • Next, you can gather different brushes and sponges that are useful to clean your gaming chair properly.
  • Finally, a dry towel can be used to remove the water stains and other streaky marks.

Step 3: Clean The Upholstery

Now, you’ve already gathered the instruments you’ll need for completing the process. So, it’s time to clean the upholstery by dusting or vacuuming it. For fabric or mesh materials, you can vacuum it to wipe out the ingrained dust. So, you can do a regular vacuum process on your mesh chair. And if it’s fabric, you should gently rub it with the brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner.

In terms of PU or PVC upholstery, you can use a thick microfiber cloth to dust it down. So, dusting and vacuuming should be a regular process to keep your gaming chair clean.

Step 4: Use A Solvent To Clean The Upholstery

You can use a solvent to wipe out any mark of stains or spills from the upholstery in this step. Before doing it, you should check the tag behind your chair. If there is an “S” mark, you can use a solvent-based solution to clean it. But if it contains a “W” tag, only water can be used as a solvent. When you find the “W/S” tag, then you can use any of them. So, when you start applying solvent on the upholstery, you should be careful not to damage the chair.

Step 5: Clean The Armrests And Other Parts

Well, you’ve already cleaned the upholstery, and now you should go for armrests, frame, and rest of the chair. It won’t harass you at all. What you need is to use a sponge with mild dish detergent to wash the surfaces. Then take a dry towel to wipe the solvent.

Step 6: Wash the casters

Now, it’s one of the annoying parts of your cleaning process. There are hairs and debris that are tangled in them that should be removed. To do it, you should turn your chair over and use a crevice tool to wipe out hairs and other chunks. Now, you can use rubbing alcohol and a surface cleaner to remove dirt.

Tips for Gaming Chair Maintenance

Ordinary chairs are less expensive than gaming chairs. So, they should be properly maintained for long-lasting appearances. As we spend extensive hours of gaming, we should follow some tips for gaming chair maintenance. Here they are:

Tips for Gaming Chair Maintenance

  • You shouldn’t use running water to rinse your chair.
  • Without following the manufacturer’s guidelines, don’t go for organic solvents like alcohol or gasoline.
  • You shouldn’t place your gaming chair under the sun.
  • You shouldn’t use a hard or rough cloth to clean the surface to be scratched.
  • Avoid water having 40 degrees C.

Frequently Asked Question

However, you’ve already gathered adequate information according to your query. Yet, we’ve also researched to find out more queries to help you in this regard.

Are gaming chairs bad for you?

If you don’t use a gaming chair properly, then it could be bad for your back. So, it can lower your back pain if you sit accordingly. Aside from it, a gaming chair is recommended for bad back holders.

How long do gaming chairs last?

It depends on you how you maintain it. In general, it should last at least two years. Besides, many people can keep their chairs for three to five years by correctly taking care of them.

Are gaming chairs overrated?

A gaming chair combines everything that you need for gaming. It will be worth every penny you’ve spent on it. But this thought may vary upon different persons.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea of how to clean a gaming chair and its corresponding. You might get confused with the product’s guideline, but we’ve described it in simple and easy steps on this page. However, it’s obvious to regularly clean your gaming chair for longevity and enjoy a stress-free gaming experience.

Though the cleaning process might make you tired, when you’ll finish it, what can be more cheers than that? Finally, I can end up writing on this as you’re ready to go.

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