How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

Gaming on an Xbox console is fun and when you have your gaming chair paired with it, the experience is unforgettable. You can get real-time feedback for both sound systems and lighting synchronized with the game itself. However, the problem is, Xbox One doesn’t come with built-in bluetooth while gaming chairs require that for wireless connectivity.

So, how to connect xbox one to bluetooth gaming chair, aka the wireless gaming chairs? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution as well! And this issue is no exception as I’m going to get you through the right process of doing it. Stick with me and know how you can pair your gaming chair with your Xbox one and enjoy real-time feedback!

Does Xbox One Have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, the latest Xbox One is still missing the bluetooth feature, which means you cannot directly connect any bluetooth devices. However, the Xbox one does have two HDMI ports, one of which is spare.

Does Xbox One Have Bluetooth

The spare HDMI port is capable of doing miscellaneous things from connecting e second TV/monitor to connecting audio mixers. It also comes with a few more TCP and UDP ports to connect a few different devices for better gaming.

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

As I mentioned earlier, the Xbox One comes with a second HDMI port and it doesn’t have bluetooth built in. You can use that extra HDMI port for connecting your bluetooth gaming chair.

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair?

Things you’ll need

Before I get into the process of how to connect xbox one to bluetooth gaming chair, you’ll need some supplies. First, you’re going to need a second HDMI cable excluding the one connected already. Secondly, an HDMI audio converter is necessary for the entire process along with the audio cables from the chair. Gather them all and get into the step by step process to pair your gaming chair with your Xbox One.

Step 1: Power up the chair

First, you have to make sure the chair is connected correctly to the power outlet. Use the included power adapter for the safest sitting experience from your gaming chair. It needs a good connection for functioning properly as well.

Step 2: Set the chair up

After powering the chair, tune it properly including lighting, sound, haptic feedback, and other things if you have any. You should do this part done for two crucial reasons. You can be sure that the power connection is good, and get an output properly from the process.

Step 3: Connecting the TV

Take the existing HDMI cable out from the Xbox One so that you can reconnect it. Connect one end to the TV and the other end will go to the ‘HDMI in’ of the converter. After doing that, you should have another HDMI cable on your hand which you collected before.

Step 4: Xbox one and converter

Now, take the second HDMI cable and the audio converter you’ve got and connect them correctly. First, connect the HDMI cable with one end to the ‘HDMI out’ port of your audio converter. The other end will go on the Xbox one and you’ll have a connection loop for the setup.

Step 5: Complete the setup

Once you have the TV/monitor, the audio converter, and the Xbox connected, it’s time to connect the chair. Take the red and white audio cables I mentioned before, connect them to the chair from one end. And the other end of the cables will go to the audio converter to complete the setup.

What Gaming Chairs Are Compatible With Xbox One?

When it comes to gaming on Xbox one, the sitting time can be prolonged and that requires the right chair. The chair has to be comfortable for long hours to sit on without strain or other issues. Here are the things you’ll find in a compatible chair for xbox one alongside smart features:

What Gaming Chairs Are Compatible With Xbox One


You’re going to sit on your gaming chair for a long time, so it should have the best ergonomic support. Check for oversized handlebars because you’re on a console; not a PC, which needs proper rest for your hands. Its construction should have memory foam for strain-free sitting with back and leg support. If it’s a gaming chair for short person, it will have an adjustable head and lumbar support as well.

Smart controls

A gaming chair for Xbox One will come with plenty of smart control systems to get you a superior gaming experience. Most smart gaming chairs come with an RGB lighting system along with vibration, heat, and haptic feedback sometimes. They usually come with a side-mounted control panel with dials and knobs to control all the features. Some even have wireless controllers for effortless, convenient control.

Speaker system

Most of the Xbox, PS4, and other smart gaming chairs come with built-in speaker systems, ready for gaming. If you want to have a life-like gaming experience with your gaming chair, check the speaker system. Some chairs have dual speakers while the high-end ones have 5-7 speakers placed throughout the chair for surround sound.

Last Thoughts

Gaming on the Xbox One console is a lot more fun with your gaming chair connected to it. If you follow the steps in this instruction, you’ll be able to game with better sound and lighting with your chair. Although now you know how to connect xbox one to bluetooth gaming chair, follow the process properly in every step.

While connecting the chair with the converter, match the cables properly; red to the red and white to the white. Place your chair at a safe distance to keep your eyes and neck safe from straining.

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