The Universal Guide Of All Times: How To Setup A Gaming Chair

Every gamer has a dream of getting a gaming chair. And, finally, being able to own it after desperately waiting for months or, in some cases, for years. And then there’s a moment when you realize that you can wait to use it. But you don’t know how to setup a gaming chair.

Different types of chairs are set up differently. All you need is to utilize some hours to make your chair ready for hours or maybe weeks. Today we will be giving you all the tips and tricks you will use on most gaming chairs. Without delay, let’s get into details.

How To Properly Assemble A Gaming Chair

Nothing can beat the feeling of owning a gaming chair you have wanted for days. Although every gaming chair comes with its unique instructions and manual, we have some tricks that will work for most expensive gaming chairs. Here are some Tips and tricks for assembling a gaming chair properly:

How To Properly Assemble A Gaming Chair

1. Unpack all the materials and put them on the ground

First things first, carefully open the packaging and bring all the materials out. This is a way to ensure that you have all the parts and you can assemble them in the right way. Take the manual that you’ve all the pieces; if not, inform the manufacturer or get it replaced.

2. Organize the pieces

Once you are done with re-checking everything, organize the pieces and unwrap the plastics. Then organize the pieces in order. Be sure to work in an open space so that you don’t lose any part.

3. Connect the underside of your seat

If you have all the pieces, it’s time to put them together. Connect the underside with the main chair. You can use four screw bolts to attach them. Make sure to bolt them tightly. After all, this part will carry the entire weight of your body.

4. Bolt everything together

Be sure to bolt everything together according to the manual, using the bolts that came with the kit. Once you’re all done, you may attach the armrests in the holes on the underside of your chair.

5. Connect the Casters

When you are done bolting them together, it’s time for the casters to get connected. Connect the casters into the 5-star base. Just in some cases, a massive amount of pressure may be required for the casters to pop over the plastic socket bracers.

6. Attach backrest and headrest

Now, it is time to attach the backrest and headrest of the chair. Please make sure they are in the right place.

7. Run a test

After you’re all done with the chair setup, go ahead and sit on it. You can even slightly jump on it — not too hard, to test that you have put everything in place and it’s sturdy enough.

How to Setup a Gaming Chair?

It is vital to receive clear instructions for the buyers. At this point, this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s easy.

How to Setup a Gaming Chair

You can follow the below instructions to set up a gaming chair:

  • First of all, check all the parts and make sure you’ve everything you require.
  • Then insert the caster wheels in the holes of the wheelbase.
  • Then turn over the wheelbase; this will help them stand on rollers.
  • Then insert the gas spring inside the central opening.
  • Check if the tilt mechanism is mounted or not.
  • If not, then mount it on the underside of the seat.
  • Once you’re done with the tilt mechanism, join the seat and the wheelbase.
  • Then mount the backrest on the seat. It can be a bit tricky, so be careful.
  • The armrest should be Pre-mounted.
  • If not pre-mounted, then it is time to mount them.
  • Be careful; do not mount the left on the right or right on the left.
  • Make sure all the bolts are correctly fitted.
  • If your chair comes with a lumbar and head cushion, attach them too.
  • This should give you the chair of your dreams, but you messed something up if you still have a part left. Re-check the manual.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair Correctly

There are plenty of options present, and choosing the right gaming chair can be proven quite fruitful to you.

Here are some benefits of using a gaming chair:

Higher comfort:

Everyone loves spending hours playing their favorite games. This is why you require a chair that provides you with enough comfort. So, gaming chairs are made to be comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Supports proper blood circulation:

Sitting for a long time can have an impact on the blood circulation of the body. And we all know good blood circulation is a must for good health. Gaming chairs are designed in a way to improve blood circulation in your body.

Helps reduce neck and back pain:

People who spend a massive amount of time sitting usually face neck pain or back pain. But gaming chairs are designed to provide your support. So, investing in such a gaming chair is always worth it.

Helps in improve posture:

Did you ever notice that you slump forward when you sit for a long time? Sitting in the right type of chair may help you improve your posture. And everyone loves a good posture. It enables you to boost your confidence. Once your posture has improved, you’ll see the difference.


We are at the very end of our article. Gaming chairs are great investments when you spend most of your time playing games. By now, you must know how to setup a gaming chair. Setting it up may require some time, but it is worth it.

Gaming chairs have various benefits that can help you a better life. These are way better than your regular desk chairs. So are they worth buying? Yes, of course, they are. Be sure to choose the right type of chair for you.

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