How to Sit in a Gaming Chair – Step by Step Guide for Gamers

Gaming is a source of entertainment for us. This gaming addiction is spreading day by day, from kids to teenagers now adults, and maybe to the olds in the future. Some people have turned this into a profession too. To play these games, you have to give a lot of time in front of a pc by sitting on a chair.

Keeping this in mind, companies are producing a gaming chair for short person and a gaming chair for a tall person individually. But gaming for a long time by sitting on a chair can create neck or back pain. So, if you want to avoid such difficulties, you should know how to sit in a gaming chair. Let’s discuss this topic to get rid of health issues due to gaming.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Gaming chairs are built for the use of gaming in front of pc. These kinds of chairs are good enough to sit and enjoy the games but are they comfortable to sit? However, the answer won’t be the same for all. If you have a perfect sitting posture, you will enjoy this because sitting on a gaming chair with a perfect posture for a long time gives a good treatment to your back.


If you notice, you’ll find that a bucket type seat arrangement is introduced in a gaming chair. These kinds of seats are used in the racing car so that the driver doesn’t move from the seat. This is why it feels hard to move on a gaming chair. Again the side bolsters of the gaming chair seem uncomfortable in some cases.

Besides, some cheap gaming chairs come with narrow seats with a low weight capacity. This is another reason for the discomfort of a person. But the mechanism in a gaming chair makes sitting more comfortable for us. The finishing of the gaming chair also seems to be classy with the comparison of other chairs.

The gaming chair also gives very good support on the backside. There is a much bigger gap in the chair’s lumber side, which is good for getting a perfect posture but feels uncomfortable with someone. It also doesn’t give much space for movement if you purchase the wrong chair. These are the reasons for which a gaming chair can be uncomfortable while sitting on it. But in a word, a gaming chair is very comfortable with high-performance support and corresponding benefits.

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair?

Those who are pro gamers need to spend plenty of hours sitting on a chair. This long time sitting on a gaming chair can prove dangerous due to health issues like back pain or neck pain. To avoid these kinds of pain, you can follow some tips on how to sit in a gaming chair. These tips and tricks may save you from future danger and give you a long gaming life. Let’s talk about them.
Choose the perfect height of the chair.


The first thing you should remember before sitting in your gaming chair is, “Is your chair height perfect?” According to everyone’s height, we all have the perfect height of the chair we need. If you are a short guy, then 40” are the perfect height of chairs.

If you are an almost-average guy, then 40”-48” height is enough for you. But if you are more than that and an average or a tall guy then you can go for 48” to 54” height. Some chairs are height adjustable. So, you can adjust your chair according to your needs. The perfect height of the chair will make your neck look straight into the pc.

Fix And Be Comfortable With Armrests:

Try to have a chair which has an armrest. Nowadays, almost every gaming chair has an armrest with them. So, for the possible best outcome, you can fix the armrests for your preference.

Consideration Of Your Back:

As you will have to spend a lot of time playing games by sitting in a chair, so you should be prepared with your back support. As we have talked about, that gaming chair doesn’t have lumbar support much, so have a pillow in your back to get lumber support. This will not let you face any back pain. But if you think you can manage without pillow support, then i suggest you go for it to get a better posture.
Angles of body

The perfect posture of your sitting will be complete when you sit at a perfect angle. You should manage to sit, having an angle of 100 degrees to 110 degrees in your back to the computer. This will not let back pain happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, we’ve tried to provide a valid way to sit in a gaming chair. Aside from that, there have come some other frequent questions that will help you later in using a gaming chair.

Can you sleep on a gaming chair?

If you wish to sleep on a gaming chair, then it is cool. You can sleep in your gaming chair by sliding yourself down to some position. A pillow for the neck would be additional support. But i suggest you take only naps on a sleeping chair because going into a long sleep can make you lose your control over yourself, and you may fall.

How long do gaming chairs last?

The average timespan of a gaming chair is 2 years. But if you keep it safe and the product is good enough, it can give your services for 3 to 5 years.

How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

If you are a professional gamer and plan to buy a gaming chair, you can buy it. The average cost of a gaming chair is around $200 to $400. You may also get chairs for $100 or less, but they may not have such technologies. Some gaming chairs cost more than $500. They have got more features in it. In simple words, the more you pay, the better the quality chair with more features you’ll get.

Final Verdict

A gaming chair is one of the most useful and needed accessories for a gamer. As a gamer who spends a lot of time sitting on a chair, he/she should have the best quality gaming chair. Due to sitting on a gaming chair, a gamer may face very health difficulties in the future. To avoid such problems, they should know how to sit in a gaming chair.
So, nothing but the few tips you can recall when necessary. By following them properly, they can dodge future difficulties very easily with techniques.

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