Keyboard And Mouse Position For Gaming – A Complete Guideline 2021

Comprehending the right keyboard and mouse position for gaming plays a crucial role in determining your gaming experience. With that, you will have an incredible gaming experience. Because your fingers and hands will not be stressed to the point of getting hurt. All you have to be keen on is placing the keyboard and mouse the right way.

Place your gaming keyboard on a surface above your knees, about two to three inches. You can use desks that have shelves to make your experience better. Ensure that the keyboard’s buttons are not hard to press because of maximum productivity. Keep the keyboard at a far angle but not too far.

Guide to Keyboard and Mouse Position for Gaming

If you are an avid gamer you understand the hours you put in this game. Many people never think about the health consequences brought about by long hours of gaming. Talk about the right posture and placing your gaming tools appropriately.

Guide to Keyboard and Mouse Position for Gaming

To ensure that you keep enjoying your game, here is a simple guide on the keenness of keyboard and mouse position for gaming:

Adjusting your keyboard

Place your keyboard on a surface above your knees for smooth operation. This should be between 2-3 inches. The best surface to place your keyboard is on a shelf of your desk if you have one. Ensure that the keyboard is well placed so that at the center, you notice “g” and “h” keys with ease. The buttons should not be hard to press; you don’t want to end up hurting your fingers.

If you end up over pressing the keyboard because the controls are rigid, you will end up hurting the muscles in your fingers and hands. Learn to use your keyboard without wrist wrests because they are known to enhance pressure on the carpal tunnel. Also, ensure that the keyboard is strategically angled down from you.

Adjusting the mouse position

Your mouse should also be placed on a surface above your knees around three inches similar to the keyboard. When gaming, you should never struggle to reach your mouse. Be certain that the mouse comes with a long cord that can reach the port of your computer easily.

The distance of your monitor and its height

We all have different needs because we are wired differently. Our eyes are also not the same; that is why some individuals strain with their eyes. Due to that, your monitor should be placed at a bit of distance so that your eyes don’t strain or don’t get affected by the light. However, don’t place your monitor too far such that you cannot make out the characters.

Measure your arm’s length plus the length of your hand to know the distance at which to place your monitor. When you start at that distance, you will know if that works out for you. If not, you can make other adjustments that accommodate your eyes well.

Choosing the right chair

We all know that gaming is not a one-hour game. It is a game that consumes your entire day. To make most of it, you need to have the right chair that will give you comfort as you stay put for those long hours.

Choosing the right chair

Finding the right chair plays a crucial role in maintaining your posture as you play. The chair should take care of your back, arms, and feet. Your knees and hips should rest nicely on this chair to prevent the reduction of blood flow.

Check on the chair’s backrest to ensure that it is angled correctly between 90 and 120 degrees with an option of adjusting the reclining angle. It should also be equipped with backrests with lumbar support that conform to the shape of your spine.

The bottom line is, the chair you choose will determine your gaming experience. Go for a chair that will not cause you never to practice gaming again; it wouldn’t be wise.

Practice Good Sitting Posture

We have said over and over that gaming takes long hours. That means a long period of sitting and probably in the same position. That will surely affect your posture. The position you take when gaming should not affect your back. If that happens, you will have back problems for a long time, and that is not something you want to experience, trust me.

Poor posture causes a strain on your muscles and spine–ligaments. To find the right sitting posture, set your chair at 90 degrees. Normally, that is the neutral posture you can take, and from there, you can make adjustments until you attain the position you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that people ask about keyboard and mouse position for gaming:

Should the keyboard be flat or raised for gaming?

The keyboard should be placed flat on your knees. It should be placed at a lower position than the stomach level such that as you work the keyboard, your arms incline to face downwards.

Is wrist rest good for gaming?

Not really, because using a wrist rest makes your hands not feel natural as you continue gaming. Your hands should feel natural when gaming, and that is not the feel you will have once you use a wrist rest.

How should you hold your keyboard for gaming?

By placing your hands on the keyboard while playing. Or simply using your fingers for gaming.

Final Thought

When gaming, what matters the most is comfort. It all comes down to a keyboard and mouse position for gaming, enabling you to stand a better chance when gaming. The correct position will determine your overall productivity.

Having the right posture is paramount, and this will be enhanced by using the correct chair. Gaming takes hours and hours. You cannot overlook that, which should make you prepare well so that you don’t negatively affect your health. Learn to increase knowledge on how to up your gaming experience.

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