The 5 Best Merax Gaming Chair Reviews In 2021

Long hours of intense gaming require just the right chair to keep you going. From interesting colors to supportive back rests, a gaming chair will let you sit comfortably as you game. It is an investment piece that is sure to give you the right experience, customization, and reliability.

You may have taken time and effort to put your gaming area together. It is now time to bring a chair that will complement your space while keeping your spine aligned. Read ahead to find our reviews of the best Merax gaming chairs. They are affordable options that are very functional investment pieces. We also answer common questions about these chairs.

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Merax Gaming Chair Computer Home Desk Chair

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Swivel Chair

Merax Ergonomic Office Race Car Seat

Merax Sleeper Floor Chair

Merax Portland Technical Leather Big Chair

5 Best Merax Gaming Chair Review 2021

Please read this section and find out all five best Merax Gaming Chair Review. So that you can easily learn which one is the best.

Best Merax Gaming Chair

1. Merax Gaming Chair Computer Home Desk Chair

Merax Gaming Chair Computer Home Desk Chair

This chair is a functional option to bring to your gaming area. This is largely because of its adjustable headrest that will support your head just right. It also protects your neck area as you game. The armrest of the chair is positioned well to keep your hands supported.

It is an ergonomic chair that has been designed to provide the right support to your lumbar. It has curved contours and a mesh back that are reliable. These are perfect for long hours of gaming to keep your spine aligned.

The chair also comes with a reclining function that will let you tilt it between 100 to 135 degrees. Once you achieve the right recline, you can lock it in place. You can adjust the tension on the recline to suit your size using the tilt tension knob.

For Whom is This Product Designed?

This Merax gaming chair has been designed for any gamer looking for comfort and reliability. It is made of a fabric mesh that is skin-friendly and has a sponge-filled high-density cushion as well.

They will keep you ventilated and won’t lose form after long-time use.

Why Do We Love It?

With this chair, you’ll get a noiseless caster that is heavy-duty that will let you move around in a 360-degree swivel. We love that this chair is versatile and can be used as a study or desk chair in between your gaming sessions.

What Should Improve

The weight capacity of this chair is 250 pounds. However, it could have been more so that it can also accommodate plus-size gamers easily.

2. Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Swivel Chair

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Swivel Chair

This is one of the best gaming chairs for any gamer who puts in long and tedious sessions of gaming. It is an ergonomic design that makes comfort its priority. This is enabled by the mesh fabric upholstered face and the PU leather body.

The material also makes it very easy to clean. The arm of the chair is thick and padded so that your elbows can rest easy as you game. It also comes with a pneumatic height adjustable gas lift. With this, you will be able to find a cozy position as you sit.

The chair is pleasing to the eye and will fit perfectly into your gaming zone. It has a luxury racing car style with blue and black contours. It is also designed to give you the right lumbar support to align your spine the whole time you sit.

For Whom is this Product Designed?

This Merax gaming chair is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable gaming session. It has a variable tilt mechanism that will let you lean back and relax when you prefer. You can use the tilt lock mechanism here to hold your position in place.

Why Do We Love It?

We are fond of this gaming chair because of the flexibility it offers. You can adjust the height of the chair using its pneumatic gas lift. The casters on the chair are also made for heavy-duty use and to keep you stable.

What Should Improve

This chair can feel hard as you sit down. Hence, better cushioning will make this chair more comfortable.

3. Merax Ergonomic Office Race Car Seat

Merax Ergonomic Office Race Car Seat

This Merax chair has one of the best capacities among gaming chairs. It can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds. It is also a heavy-duty chair that is made of durable materials that are of good quality. All of this comes with a 360-degree swivel that will let you move around easily.

The chair operates smoothly, and you can adjust its height to suit your gaming preferences. The back and head support are excellent due to its ergonomic design. This chair is interesting as it lets you rock back and forth with the backrest and arms working unattached.

You can adjust its angle between 90 to 180 degrees and pick one that suits your needs. It helps reduce fatigue during long hours of gaming. Hence, it comes with support pillows to keep you cushioned at a stretch. The blue and black body makes it visually pleasing as well.

For Whom is this Product Designed?

We recommend this Merax gaming chair for anyone who prefers cushioned comfort. The headrest pillow and the lumbar cushion on this chair will provide your head and spine with the right alignment.

Why Do We Love It?

The functionality of this product makes it one of the best Merax gaming chairs on the market. The tilt mechanism and other adjustable features are easy to use and change. It has been designed orthopedically for the best comfort.

What Should Improve

This gaming chair can be a little too noisy, especially when you are designing the recline. Further, the rod under the seam stitching can be felt by people who sit on it.

4. Merax Sleeper Floor Chair

Merax Sleeper Floor Chair

This gaming chair comes in orange and cotton material that looks modern and cozy. It is a floor chair and allows for 360-degree rotation. It is a convenient chair that can be used when you work or game. You can also use it to rest after a long gaming session.

The adjustable backrest can assume four positions. Go ahead and adjust it in 4 angles to find the best one for you. It will fit your body perfectly and adjust to your contours. It is also very easy to clean. It comes with a base cover that can be removed easily.

It is a user-friendly design made of the superior linen fabric. This makes it durable and unlikely to tear easily. You can also remove the base easily and clean it as well. If you have a make-shift gaming area, this is the right chair as it is foldable and can help save space.

For Whom is This Product Designed?

This is the perfect gaming chair for anyone who wants the most out of their chair. It is a versatile, space-saving option that has a solid construction. It comes with thick padding and is constructed of high-quality steel.

Why Do We Love It?

This Merax chair will make your gaming space look unique and exciting. It is a sturdy option and will give you the right recline as you play. It also offers good value for your money.

What Should Improve

The swivel on the chair is a little stiff and could have been better. Further, anyone who has bad knees may not benefit from the design of this chair.

5. Merax Portland Technical Leather Big Chair

Merax Portland Technical Leather Big Chair

This Merax chair has been designed to catch your eye with its double-layered bonded leather body. It has a classic design with a tufted surface to bring out a decorative pattern. Its design makes it one of the best gaming chairs in the market.

The gaming chair is comfortable and cozy and will provide complete upper body support as you are gaming. The leather body is curved to fit your body, and the chair comes with thick padded arm rests made of leather as well. It is the perfect option for any sedentary person.

The chair is also adjustable so that you can use it to achieve perfect gaming posture. You can also use its rock-back tilt mechanism, height adjusting feature, and back pressure. You will be able to do all of this using a single hand.

For Whom is This Product Designed?

This gaming chair is made for anyone who puts in long hours of gaming. It is extremely soft and will feel almost like a sofa. Hence, it will keep you cushioned and supported throughout your gaming activities. You can also rest on it for breaks.

Why Do We Love It?

The solid construction and durable nature of this gaming chair make it worth the purchase. It has a heavy-duty nylon base as well as five sturdy swivel casters. Hence, it remains stable and will give you good mobility as well.

What Should Improve

This chair has a capacity of about 250. It may also be unable to handle a weight of about 220 pounds, which is within its capacity.

Are Merax Gaming Chairs Easy to Use?

There are a few features in a gaming chair that make it easy to use and beneficial for you. Merax gaming chairs are worth the money you pay for them. Read ahead to find out why this is so.

Good Posture Support:

When you are sitting on a chair for long gaming sessions, you want the perfect support for your spine. Merax chairs are designed to be ergonomic and hence make gaming easy for you. They offer lumbar support, which is crucial to allow for good spine alignment.

They also offer head and back rests to keep this region aligned with the torso. The racing-style chairs from Merax offer padded backs for enhanced posture support as well.

Enable Different Positions:

Gaming requires long hours of sitting at various angles. The gaming chairs from Merax eliminates static positions by allowing you a range of tilt options. Depending on how much you tend to move, you can pick a suitable recline range.

Whether you pick a regular or a floor chair, Merax offers tilt and rocking motions as well. The armrests and height are also adjustable in most chairs to allow for the dynamic movement that gaming demands.

Aesthetic Sensibility:

The gaming chair from Merax is easy to use as it will fit into your space seamlessly. There are multiple options available to suit each gamer’s taste. You may love the whimsical or classic side of things.

Our Merax gaming chair white review to color ones should help you see the versatile style options available. You can take your pick between various fabrics, from linen to upholstered leather. Some of these come with removable covers that are easy to clean as well.

Why Choose This Brand?

There are many reasons why you should pick a Merax gaming chair. The brand is reliable and offers a warranty period of 1 year on many of its gaming chairs. Read ahead as we discuss why you should opt for this brand.


If you are looking for functionality in your gaming chair, this is the right brand for you. You can get a great gaming chair at competitive prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Further, the quality of the product is not compromised.


Merax is dedicated to creating innovative products that come under various categories. All of these, including their gaming chairs, are made with good quality materials. These include PU leather, breathable mesh, and linen, depending on the make of the chair.

They also have solid steel construction and other materials that make their chairs sturdy options.


Merax is dedicated to providing its customers solutions to gaming woes. Hence, the gaming chairs are designed to provide high performance with soft and comfortable seating options. They are crafted to contour your body just right.

This is in line with Merax’s spirit of bringing maximum efficiency to their products and doing better than industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some popular questions about Merax gaming chairs answered.

What Is So Special About a Merax Gaming Chair?

The gaming chairs from Merax are made of good quality materials and are affordable options as well. They come in ergonomic designs that offer back, lumbar, and head support for a good gaming session. They also allow for reclining and rocking so that you can pick dynamic positions as you play.
The chairs from Merax also tend to be versatile. When you are done with your gaming session, you can use their cozy chairs to work or even get some shut-eye time.

Does Using a Merax Chair Increase Your Gaming Experience?

Yes, gaming chairs from Merax are designed to support your posture as you play. When you are glued to your chair for a long time, chairs made for sedentary individuals are the best. They allow you to move your body so that you are not stuck in a static position.
These chairs also allow you to adjust your arm and back position so that you can tailor your posture to your game. The customization features help them enhance your gaming experience.

What Are the Dimensions of a Merax Gaming Chair?

This varies from chair to chair and the design you pick. While some chairs have dimensions of 44.1 x 24.8 x 19.7 inches, others may have 25.98 x 17.32 x 24.8 inches. It depends on the armrest, type, and adjustable features on the chair as well.
Most chairs will be able to take a weight of anywhere between 250 to 300 pounds. Some of these are not great for plus-sized individuals. Hence, you should look at the dimensions of the chair carefully before you take your pick.

Is it the Right Time for You to Upgrade to the Merax Gaming Chair?

If you have been gaming for a long time and are seated on a regular chair, it is time for an upgrade. You may notice back or shoulder pain from bad posture support. If you are on a budget, the Merax gaming chair is the perfect upgrade for you.
It will help relieve you of your pain and adopt a much better posture as well. They will also make your gaming area look more complete and professional. If you tend to use your chair for other activities like work, the gaming chair will be an investment worth your money.

Final Thoughts

We have taken you through the five best merax gaming chair review so that you can make your best purchase. These chairs are comfortable, cozy and will help you move about and swivel on the casters. The adjustability and customization features will keep you satisfied.

We have reviewed various gaming chair styles so that you can pick one that suits your gaming sensibility. Merax is a reliable brand that is sure to offer you quality gaming chairs and great customer service. Go ahead, compare and contrast, and take your pick now!

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