Pu Leather Vs Fabric Gaming Chairs – Which is Better for You?

Being a gamer, it’s obvious to look for the comfort of your gaming accessories. It’s obvious that the best quality gaming chair will make your route easy to be a pro gamer. A good monitor, good console, and good sound systems are a must for a good gaming experience. But you should not ignore the importance of table and chair too.

While finding the relaxation for your chair, you can go for multiple things to watch, like the chair’s height, the chair’s comfort, and much more. Even the short person gaming chair and tall person gaming chair is also different from each other. The cloth of the chair is also an important trait. Now it can be a battle between PU leather vs fabric gaming chairs. Let’s disclose the competition.

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From the table of content, we can see that we’ll learn about the differences between these two types’ clothes. Both of them come with different characteristics.

Pu Leather Vs Fabric Gaming Chairs: What Is The Difference?

Though PU leather and fabric can both be used in gaming chairs, they have some differences. Pu stands for polyurethane, which describes its ingredient, and on the other hand, the fabric is the daily life clothing that we use. Let’s start the discussion between PU leather vs fabric gaming chairs.



Adjustable flexibility, smoothness, and softness are some important traits of PU leather. These things make the PU leather more than other elements.

Fabric is also comfortable while using it as a chair, but you will have to pick up the right kind of fabric. Fabric can also be a good product. Fabric is thin and gives a lot of air.


Talking about the breathability of PU leather, you should avoid this. Pu is not much breathable in comparison with the other labor. But it can be more breathable, so, if you can manage that, then you should go for it.

While the fabric is more breathable than the PU leather, the fabric is thin and soft; that is why the breathing system through the fabric is much better.


While talking about the aesthetic traits, PU leather is unbeatable. Pu leather looks very classy and clean on the gaming chair.

On the contrary, the fabric chair is not that common on a gaming chair as it doesn’t look that cool, how a gaming chair should be. The fabric chair looks quite old fashioned and dull.

Mostly immune to spills and stains:

As cleanliness is another main fact while choosing a product, so we should give it a thought. The process of cleaning a PU fabric is easy. Suppose your chair has something spilled on it and give it a stain, then just clean with water and a mop very easily. It will get dry fast too.

On the other side, the process of cleaning a fabric chair is never easy. If you wish to clean a fabric chair, then you must get the cloth off and then wash it.

Easy maintenance:

The maintenance of PU leather is never easy due to its plastic-like leathers. If you have a cat or dog in your house that can destroy the chair leather, you should be careful. But this is easy to clean.

Fabric is not easy to clean, so you will have to work more to maintain it, but it is safe from your pets’ paws so you can be tension free about them. But you will require more maintenance while using a fabric chair than the pu chair.


In the term of customizability, PU chairs are good enough. You can customize PU leather chairs easily by moving and folding them as you wish.

While a fabric chair is not that customizable, some kinds of chairs may give this chance, but mostly it is not seen as customizable.

Should You Choose Fabric Or PU Leather?

As we have discussed both kinds of the chair till now, so you have got an overview of the battle on pu leather vs fabric gaming chair. Now it is totally up to you and your atmosphere, which kind of chair you wish to choose for your gaming.


If you live in such a place where it is too hot and suffocated, I suggest you go for the fabric chair. Fabric chair is also cheaper and easily breathable. Though the maintenance is tough, you will have to manage for your comfort while playing.

On the contrary, if your living place is filled with much cold and you need some warmth while playing, then you can go for the PU leather chair. This kind of chair is hard to breathe, but they are warm and more customizable. After all, they look classy and standard, and you can easily maintain and clean them. This is how you can choose your comfortable chair.

Final Verdict

As the gaming industry is increasing day by day, gamers are also becoming more conscious about their comfort zone by finding the perfect accessories for them. That is why you are here to see the battle on PU leather vs fabric leather gaming chairs.

After discovering a lot about the two products, we can conclude that both of them have some similarities and some dissimilarities. Both of them are good enough to be in the gamer’s house, depending on the atmosphere and the gamer’s want.

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