Best 3 Vitesse Gaming Chair Reviews – Why These Chair ROCKS

When you sit steady, you search for your comfort zone; even it is for 10 minutes. Gamers make their universe through gaming. Therefore, gaming chairs have become a must for gamers now. It is also applicable for nightcrawlers as it features support towards the upper neck and shoulder.

Vitesse is a brand that brought so much variety in it and with decent pricing. Its chairs are made of premium materials and designed ergonomically specifically for gamers. Additionally, the adjustable seats give you what you need for gaming. Moreover, it provides different heights to provide comfort for all. Here, we will discuss the Vitesse gaming chair review.

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Image Product Technical Spec Price
Vitesse Gaming Chair Vitesse Gaming Chair
  • Color:Carbon Fiber Black
  • Material:Leather
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 20.4 x 14.9 x 46 inches
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 20.4 Kilograms
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Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 20.4 x 14.9 x 46 inches
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • Brand: PWaleaf
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Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest Racing Style Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest Racing Style
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: eather
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • Brand: Waleaf
  • Seat Material Type: Leather
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Top 3 Vitesse Gaming Chair Reviews In 2021

1. Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming)

Vitesse Gaming ChairFor gamers, the desktop or TV is their world where they create their dimensions. Therefore, Vitesse began this gaming chair which makes their gaming journey more comfortable. Its soothing design and 360-degree swivel made it top in our Vitesse gaming chair reviews.

This chair is an ergonomic chair that has a class-3 gas lift verified by SGS. Therefore, it provides more coziness and comfort. Besides, the chair’s height is 15.3-18.8 inch that is a perfect height for both gamers and non-gamer. Its soft hardest pillow with lumbar support makes it comfortable for everyone. Therefore, it is also known as a gaming chair for back pain.

For Whom This Product Is Designed:

A gaming chair is specially designed for gamers. It is also useful for computer desk jobs for its features for long-time work. Therefore, this Vitesse model is recommended to late-night workers and gamers.

Why Do We Love It:

Vitesse Gaming Chair got our attention by its dynamic use and durability. Here is more of it,

  • This chair has perfect built quality and design with a strong metal frame.
  • It is a fantastic value-for-money product with user-friendly pricing.
  • You can enjoy your gaming movement noise-free with its PU rubber caster.
  • Adjustable seat heights for both gamers and desk jobholders.

What Should Improve:

The chair can be more effective for everyone by developing some features like these,

  • Group gaming can be troublesome (pro-gamers) for the height.
  • Non-adjustable armrests can create a lack in gaming sometimes.

2. Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair Ergonomic

When you play a game, you get involved in it within a blink. So, you need to be relaxed and have to feel comfy to get the score on board. It is pretty impossible in basic chairs or sofa. Therefore, Vitesse brought you the recliner chair for gaming. It has pretty cool features to make it up to our best three list.

Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair has the latest style for gaming with modern hardest and fantastic limber support. Therefore, it brings in a more aesthetic feeling and cushy sitting. Also, you can adjust it with three kinds of shapes between 90 to 160 degrees with support on the head, limber, and leg. Finally, the ergonomic design with e-sports style makes you play like a pro.

For Whom Is This Product Designed For:

Specifically, gaming chairs have so much to offer gamers. Anyone can use it, even senior citizens who are facing back pain or neck pain. This Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair provides exclusive features from pro-gamer to beginner.

Why Do We Love It:

This gaming chair has made itself attractive to us through its design with 300 LBS capacity and a comfortable sitting experience. Here is more of the facts which we loved about it,

  • Premium material of the body with PU leather gives a relaxed look and increases durability.
  • Anyone can this chair assemble within eight minutes as it doesn’t have any critical mechanism. So, it has more adjustability than others.
  • It has an extra slide bag so that you don’t have to get up from the chair leaving the game as it can bear the kinds of stuff you need.
  • This recliner chair got the 19.2-inch height to be used as both a computer and video gaming chair.

What Should Be improved:

The chair can be more efficient by adding some features like these,

  • Cup holders and rockers can be added for long-time gamers.
  • Open dimension is 64*25*28 inches which seems to be pretty big for non-gamers.

3. Vitesse Chair With Footrest Racing style

Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest Racing Style

Most of the gamers want comfort at a decent price in terms of the chair. Moreover, some of the non-gamers think it a costly product for the rich design. Vitesse brought this well-priced model for both of them. Specifically, it provides footrest facilities with a high efficient steel frame that gives you a non-stop gaming experience and durability.

This model has an adjustable height of 3.8 inches. Therefore, it gives a better gaming experience and also for your different needs like rest and work. It provides 360-degree noiseless wheels that make the movements easier. Besides, two strapped lumbar cushions and a headrest pillow give proper balance for your head and spine.

For Whom This Product Is Designed

Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest gives you comfort in your work, game and rest at a better price than others. So, it is applicable for gamers, desk-workers, or even those who want to enjoy their movie time.

Why Do We Love It:

It gives a better experience than others in its price range which caught our eyes for it. Here is more of it,

  • This model provides superior design within budget for both gamers and non-gamers.
  • It has a quick assemble system easily (approx. 10minutes), making it easier to clean.
  • The backseat can adjust from 90 degrees to 155 degrees so that you feel relaxed all the time.
  • The high-quality steel frame gives more extended durability and less weight to carry.

What Should Improve:

The chair can be more convenient for gamers by adding some features like these,

  • There is no pockets available in it which is a problem for pros.
  • Sometimes the frame becomes too close to the seat.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying

We decide about a product whether it is efficient or not before buying it. So, we need to know what gaming chair provides. Here, the facts that will make your decision easier,

Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying

Firstly, gaming chairs are preferred for their design and weight. The adjustability and premium design with decent weight makes it efficient for both gaming and relaxation. Those who are facing back or neck problems using it for its usefulness now.

Secondly, these chairs are Value money products. Because it is usable for gamers and workers, those who work for long, specifically those who work on a desk, can afford these chairs to work more comfortably.

Thirdly, it provides the perfect height for most people. The seats are made according to the height so that different people can feel the cozy head-pillow and spongy seat at the same time with their movement.

Lastly, gaming chairs provide additional features like a cup holder, side pockets, etc., so that your comfort doesn’t break whether you are gaming or relaxing. Moreover, every chair provides different adjustable features that help you to choose what you need.

How To Sit And How To Adjust It

How to adjust Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are mainly inspired from normal wooden chair. So, the procedure to sit in it quite same as normal one. Here is the steps,

  1. Keep your feet firmly on floor at first.
  2. Put your hips in seat in straight position.
  3. Adjust the seat according to armrests.
  4. Shift support pillow to comfort zone.
  5. Make movements while seated.
  6. Take breaks in long time sittings.

Now about adjustments, we prefer to move about 110 degrees doing passive works. For long time gaming or writing it should be moved around 105 degrees. Specifically, for desk jobs it should be fixed recline around 105 degrees. Moreover, if you continue working at 90 degree angle, it will give you 15 degree range of motion so that you will remain steady.

Final Thought

Vitesse provides variation in gaming chairs in different price range. Therefore, it is comfortable for both office-goers and gamers. The chairs are also giving relief to the one who faces back pain in long-time sitting. So, measuring all aspects we recommend Vitesse Gaming Chair with Footrest Racing Style.

The gaming chair fulfills every gamer needs as well as non-gamers. It has multi-function features like 360 degree swivel, footrest system, adjustable height etc. All of these in such budget which we discussed in Vitesse gaming chair reviews makes it Value for money chair. This gaming chair will make your experience much relaxing for work and gaming.

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